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What This Site Is

/ August 12, 2020/ Website Stuff

and what this site isn’t. Blog: (Internet) A website that allows users to reflect, share opinions, and discuss various topics in the form of an online journal, sometimes letting readers comment on their posts. Most blogs are written in a slightly informal tone (personal journals, news, businesses, etc (source – Wiktionary) This site, Patterns of Thought (PoT), is a blog. It is where I discuss writing, share resources, talk about… Continue Reading What This Site Is

Of Trackballs and Dykes

/ January 7, 2021/ Uncategorized

I did a Hardware I Use post a few months ago. One of the bits in it was about the trackball I use. At that time, I was using the Logitech M570. Worked well but was plagued with poor design and shoddy parts. I think the one I had was my fourth or fifth one maybe. Then one day it just stopped working. Left click worked (always the first thing… Continue Reading Of Trackballs and Dykes

Website Issues

/ November 17, 2020/ Uncategorized

My website host and I are working to try and figure out why ALL of my websites are tossing errors and not loading. I jump started their server today and, voila, they are all now miraculously working. For how long, I have no idea. So…if you are reading this, then the problem has been solved. But if you are seeing this after getting a “Secure Connection Failure” or similar, well,… Continue Reading Website Issues

Learning a New Language

/ September 18, 2020/ Real Life

In college, I took two German Language classes. Don’t remember much of the language but boy did we have fun! It was almost more of a German Language History and German Language Culture class. I also took one or two classes in the Japanese Language. Not a dang thing stuck with that one. It was fun, too, and taught by a friend so, bonus. The German and Japanese languages are… Continue Reading Learning a New Language

Oh for Pete’s sake…

/ September 13, 2020/ Website Stuff

This site, unlike my others, is almost entirely made of posts. The other sites are pages. And for some reason or another, the site was wonky using the same theme with same settings as the others. Gave up trying to figure it out and installed another. This one has excerpts (which I dislike). And the sidebar is missing from the front page (whyyyyyy?). But I’m done messing with it for… Continue Reading Oh for Pete’s sake…

Hardware I Use

/ September 1, 2020/ Nerdy Geeky, Writing Related

More nerdy geeky stuff. Can’t help myself. I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome which translates into I must use ergonomics and energy conservation in everything I do. So sitting here at the computer so much, this is where most of the ergonomics takes place. Keyboard: Kinesis Freestyle2 Blue – this is a true split keyboard. The two halves I can put up to 9″ apart or attach them to a pivot. They… Continue Reading Hardware I Use

Okay then

/ August 23, 2020/ Nerdy Geeky, Website Stuff

Piece of Mind is back up again. Good freakin’ grief. I’m very tempted to go with another platform instead of WordPress. But then I’d have to learn something new which would mean another wrinkle on my brain and I’ve gotten rather fond of the smoothness of it. Anyway, it is back up and now I can once again focus on writing. Wouldn’t that be grand?


/ August 18, 2020/ Real Life

Sam came to us 14 years ago with the name Bodhi. His owner was a hip woman and thought it would be a good name for this gentle giant. However, she wasn’t all that great an owner for him as she put her other dog first in everything. When she became ill, she gave Sam away. Our dear friend, Lori Tapp, DVM, knew the woman and knew Sam needed a… Continue Reading Sambodhi

Software I Use

/ August 12, 2020/ Nerdy Geeky

I’m such a geek. There, I said it. It has been a while since I last gave a list of the software I use to write. I am usually surprised at how many I use. But I shouldn’t be since I only write on my PC. First off, LibreOffice (LO). It’s an office suite program exactly like MS Word. Word processor, spreadsheet, database, presentation, and even something that has to… Continue Reading Software I Use

Progress as a Writer

/ August 12, 2020/ Uncategorized

This is the first “real” post of the “new” blog. Wear sunglasses so the shiny doesn’t hurt your eyes. It isn’t always fun and games, ya know. Being a writer. There’s contracts and writing and promotion and marketing and editing. Oh, and writing. After 13 years with Regal Crest, I have decided to be brave and go out into the publishing world alone. That’s right. I’m gonna self-publish. Oh, the… Continue Reading Progress as a Writer