Hardware I Use

/ September 1, 2020/ Nerdy Geeky, Writing Related

More nerdy geeky stuff. Can’t help myself. I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome which translates into I must use ergonomics and energy conservation in everything I do. So sitting here at the computer so much, this is where most of the ergonomics takes place. Keyboard: Kinesis Freestyle2 Blue – this is a true split keyboard. The two halves I can put up to 9″ apart or attach them to a pivot. They…

Okay then

/ August 23, 2020/ Nerdy Geeky, Website Stuff

Piece of Mind is back up again. Good freakin’ grief. I’m very tempted to go with another platform instead of WordPress. But then I’d have to learn something new which would mean another wrinkle on my brain and I’ve gotten rather fond of the smoothness of it. Anyway, it is back up and now I can once again focus on writing. Wouldn’t that be grand?

Software I Use

/ August 12, 2020/ Nerdy Geeky

I’m such a geek. There, I said it. It has been a while since I last gave a list of the software I use to write. I am usually surprised at how many I use. But I shouldn’t be since I only write on my PC. First off, LibreOffice (LO). It’s an office suite program exactly like MS Word. Word processor, spreadsheet, database, presentation, and even something that has to…

Second Post!

/ August 9, 2020/ Nerdy Geeky, Website Stuff

I ought to keep track of each one and use that as the title always. No? Good, I thought it was a bad idea but wanted to ask you first. So, I’ve taken down the “Down For Maintenance” notice and am opening this up early. Just because I’m the boss and can do that. And it will let the bots start crawling (ew) and for things to be tested under…