I have this bad habit of starting websites full gung ho and all that and then losing the gung and the ho. Well, you know what I mean.

But I’ve been cleaning the proverbial house and have fewer online sites I manage. Here they are for your perusal:

Piece of Mind – my main site where I am the official writer with no rants or rages. Kinda boring, really, except for the information about my books, where to buy them, and what makes ’em so dang wonderful.

Thought Patterns Archive – For many, many years I had a blog called Thought Patterns. But when I was going about cleaning house, I realized that, really, it was in a bad place in terms of URLs. And it was cluttered with seventeen years of crap. So instead of sifting through it, I created this (where you currently are) site.

Service Dawgs – I have had two Service Dogs, both Rottweilers. I have been involved in several service dog groups both online and in person. One of the main questions is: “what does my state say about…”. Others have created sites to present the laws and to discuss them, but the legal verbage changes so often, they were impossible to keep updated. So I created Service Dawgs and have permanent links to various law sites concerning just the laws for the US South. I let THEM keep up with the changes and just link to them.

Mighty Quinn, Service Dawg – yeah, I’ve not updated it in a while. I need to get back into that. But probably won’t. Because I’m lazy and Quinn is still Quinn.