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More nerdy geeky stuff. Can’t help myself.

I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome which translates into I must use ergonomics and energy conservation in everything I do. So sitting here at the computer so much, this is where most of the ergonomics takes place.

Keyboard: Kinesis Freestyle2 Blue – this is a true split keyboard. The two halves I can put up to 9″ apart or attach them to a pivot. They also can then raise up on one side in several increments (they call it “tenting”) depending on how you set the bracket. This keeps my shoulders lined up and my elbows at the correct angle. There are various short cut buttons programmed in such as cut/copy/paste (I love these) and there’s a delete key on the left half. The “blue” in the name means it is bluetooth. I can have up to 3 devices paired with it (not at same time!). This means I can use it here at the desk, take it with me with my laptop, or use it with my tablet. Unpairing is easy so I can switch the tablet pairing to the phone if needed.

Mouse: Logitech M570 – I personally consider typical computer mice to be archaic. Other than lasers, how have they advanced in ergonomics? Not much. Yes, there are some out there that have evolved, but not far enough. Which is why I use a trackball. Trackballs allow the user to keep their arm and hand in the same position. No scooting the mouse around the desk, picking it up, slamming it back down when it runs off the pad. With the M570, the ball is under my thumb and the buttons fit right under the appropriate fingers. It has two buttons for forward and backward in browsers but I don’t use them. The shape of the device’s body fits a wide variety of hand sizes. When writing, the mouse sits between the two halves of the keyboard. When gaming, it sits to the right.

Desk: handmade – Because I use a power wheelchair and have yet to find a desk chair that my body likes and because wheelchairs are rarely two alike, finding a desk to fit me and my needs is impossible. So I built my desk out of 2x4s, plywood, and Simpson StrongTies brackets. These brackets come in a wide variety of uses. I used the ones that connect 3 2x4s together. Since this old house isn’t level in the least, I left the four corner posts about a foot longer than the top. Then I moved it into place and adjusted each leg until the top brace was level. I removed them, cut off the excess, and put them in their final position. The top is simple plywood but I used a polyurethane stain. The legs of the desk were painted a darker brown. I used a board in the back as a brace and to also sometimes put my feet on. In the corner near the outlet, I put a board across from the side to the back. This is where my power backup sits. Easy to access and off the floor. On the top of the desk I built a monitor riser out of 2x2s and a nice piece of birch. I was supposed to stain them but never got around to it. I’m in the process of redoing the desk so I will then.


  • Samsung Note 8 (gonna update to the Note 20 soon)
  • Samsung Tab S5e
  • Built-for-me PC w/ 19″ monitor (gonna upgrade to a larger monitor and keep this one as the 2nd for dual)
  • HP Pavilion 17″ laptop
  • Brother LFC-L8900 CDW laser printer (best investment ever!)

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