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This is the first “real” post of the “new” blog. Wear sunglasses so the shiny doesn’t hurt your eyes.

It isn’t always fun and games, ya know. Being a writer. There’s contracts and writing and promotion and marketing and editing. Oh, and writing.

After 13 years with Regal Crest, I have decided to be brave and go out into the publishing world alone. That’s right. I’m gonna self-publish. Oh, the joy. Sure, the view is different from here but so is the panic.

I have really bad depression. So my feelings of self-worth are quite variable. The idea of self-publishing, which equals self-promoting, makes me ill. I can feel myself cycling through thoughts of negativity. I panic a little. Freak myself out with the intensity of it.

But then I take a deep breath, step away from the computer, and just continue breathing. I reach out to friends who, even if they don’t understand, still understand ME and that is the important part. They boost me up, convince me all is okay, and help me set up a plan.

I don’t often stick to my plans, but making them gets the cycle to stop. I have a direction to go. A list to follow (I, like Karen Miller in The Soliloquy books, like lists).

And, really, I don’t have to promote my Self. I have to promote my Books. Not a clue really how I’m going to do that but, first, the books must be re-edited and re-formatted. Covers must be redesigned. And I have to keep writing. Three books isn’t enough. I need another romance before I put out Perchance. And another romance after that before I can put out To Die. And so forth. Romance is what sells in this very niched market.

So, there we are. First Real Post and we both survived it. Cool, eh?

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