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My website host and I are working to try and figure out why ALL of my websites are tossing errors and not loading. I jump started their server today and, voila, they are all now miraculously working. For how long, I have no idea. So…if you are reading this, then the problem has been solved. But if you are seeing this after getting a “Secure Connection Failure” or similar, well, it didn’t last.

I have been with this web host since 2002. I’ve never had so many issues as I have had in the past 6 months or so. When my sites were just blogs are rarely visited information sites, downtime wasn’t that big of an issue. I hated it of course, because, like the electric and cable companies, I never get a refund when they aren’t working. Funny how that works.

But now that I am very, very dependent on the websites being up because down time means no sales AND creates a bad rep AND causes the search engines to drop me further down the list. So, yay.

I won’t switch hosts. Well, not unless this continues and the response time from support continues to take so long. But even then, what host doesn’t have issues? Better the devil you know I guess.

Anyway, the fun continues. BGCFA is going well in sales after being released as a 2nd Edition. After some time spent wallowing in depression, I am back to editing To Sleep and working on the next Butch Girl book! Please stick with me. I’m getting there. I just tend to chase after shiny squirrels or cycle downward. Sometimes both at the same time. Not as pretty as it sounds.

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