Learning a New Language

/ September 18, 2020/ Real Life

In college, I took two German Language classes. Don’t remember much of the language but boy did we have fun! It was almost more of a German Language History and German Language Culture class. I also took one or two classes in the Japanese Language. Not a dang thing stuck with that one. It was fun, too, and taught by a friend so, bonus. The German and Japanese languages are… Continue Reading Learning a New Language


/ August 18, 2020/ Real Life

Sam came to us 14 years ago with the name Bodhi. His owner was a hip woman and thought it would be a good name for this gentle giant. However, she wasn’t all that great an owner for him as she put her other dog first in everything. When she became ill, she gave Sam away. Our dear friend, Lori Tapp, DVM, knew the woman and knew Sam needed a… Continue Reading Sambodhi